Ecoliteracy Love Poem

The Pretty Sky


“Ooh look at the pretty sky!” I say

All streaked with reds, oranges, and pinks.

I stare out the window in awe

It must be magic I think.

“You love your pretty sky,” he says pulling the car over.

“What are we doing, where are we going?”

“Well getting a picture with your pretty sky of course,” he says looking over his shoulder.


We run through the field to find a perfect spot

It has now deepen to a violet blue, with strokes of bubblegum pink, and clouds so thin and light

It turns out perfect, we like it a lot.

Our cheeks are rosy from the brisk winter’s wind

But our smiles are big, and arms outstretched like a welcome

Saying “here we are, let the adventure begin.”


Oh to the pretty sky, I hope others notice you

So mysterious, and full of wonder,

And so, so beautiful too.

I hope they notice the constant art you display

And as we continue with our habits,

My only hope is that you are here to stay.

I know we have been putting, and pumping, and dumping some really awful things into you

And we’re not seeing the negative effects

Of all these horrible things we do.

We’re poisoning you and I don’t think people realize

And I sit and ponder on these thoughts

While you think I’m full of lies.

I know, i know. I do it too, we all do.

Contributing to this cancer

It’s almost impossible not to.


You give us so much, everything we need.

Life, water, food, and warmth,

But most importantly, what we need to breathe.

But the air we breathe now, is it really good for us?

What we breathe in so deeply,

We’re starting to make a fuss.

What we’ve done to our air

Some people still don’t seem to notice.

until they have to walk around with masks is only when they seem to care.


Oh pretty sky, look at what we’ve done to you.

Polluted you with our dirty clouds

This is what we do.

How do stop this? When is it too late?

Oh beautiful sky,

How are you not filled with hate?

Maybe your art represents courage or hope?

Your daily show of colours and movement

Is definitely what I use to cope.

Yes, there is hope, for that I know.

But our actions, yes our actions

Need some work, and need to grow.


(This picture was my inspiration for my poem)



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