Using the Garbage Can Labelled “the Ground”

For my second visual representation I really wanted to focus on the Robin Wall Kimmerer reading; “Maple Nation: A Citizenship Guide.” This reading strongly emphasizes the importance of the small community’s maple trees in New England. We can tell in the reading that the whole community benefits and appreciates what the trees have to offer. This reading also talks about the effect population is having on these maple trees. Page 173 claims that New England’s climate will become hostile to these maple trees within 50 years. Page 172 also touches on the global temperature rise because of human’s addiction to fossil fuels and the effects this addiction has on natural resources and environment like the nation’s maple trees.
As this New England community is seeing the effects of climate change from the pollution we put into the air, I started to think about the pollution I see in my everyday life. Although there is pollution everywhere, the biggest I notice is garbage. We are seeing garbage everywhere. I see it daily on my walk from the parking lot into the school, I see it while I drive scattered all over the roads, we see it destroying our oceans, we are now seeing garbage almost everywhere we go. I wanted to create a visual that represents this type of pollution. I used a small mason jar to illustrate this project. I filled the bottom of it with some old ground coffee which represents the soil of the Earth, then I filled the next layer with brown pom poms to represent the Earth’s rocks, pebbles, and even little critters that contribute to our ecosystems. The next layer is made out of old pipe cleaners which represents nature like grass, plants and trees. The first 3 layers a what the Earth should always look like. The last layer to my creation is a layer of garbage. There are wappers, kleenex, and napkins which represents the garbage that we see thrown on the ground almost everywhere we go. This garbage is only one form of pollution that is impacting the Earth.
One of the reasons I chose to represent garbage is because I refuse to litter and I also try my hardest to recycle as much as I can. When I am with friends and I see them litter I make them go pick it up and wait until we reach the nearest garbage can or save it until the item can disposed of safely. I am still committed to not littering, but I am also going to try my hardest to limit my garbage. One way I am going to do this is to buy reusable plastic bags, or cloth bags, to pack my snacks in instead of using a new plastic bag every time.


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